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Creating fresh sales opportunities in the real world.

Numbers on their own

elev8instore know how to engage with your customer and encourage them to make purchases in your store – the retail environment - not only online.

Facts and figures

are meaningless


Percentage of Dutch customers who chose to leave a store and buy online after ‘show-rooming’.


Billion euros expected to be spent online across Europe in 2014


% of Dutch residents shop online


when placed on its side it makes an infinity logo. We like that.

Creating an enhanced

What we do

in-store shopping experience

We help convert the ‘show-roomer’ into a paying customer. How? By combining two worlds - offline and online.

It’s no secret that there’s been a dramatic growth in online shopping which has lead to more and more customers ‘show-rooming’ and making their purchases online, through web-shops – often not even associated with the store they visited.

We create connections

elev8instore bridges the gap between actual and virtual stores and optimizes and integrates your marketing and sales strategy – which always leads to an increase in sales.

Omnichannel retailing

Delivering the right message to create the right action via the right channel. That’s Omnichannel retailing. And that’s what elev8instore does.

Experience counts for everything. Your elev8instore team has years of first hand retail experience and knows exactly how to engage with your customers in the best, most targeted way possible. We create experiences around your product, service and brand and create links within your store that generates sales.

* source Accenture retail

Creative technology

Experience counts for everything

combined with real world experience


Using the very latest technology, we help you to communicate in real-time with your customer as they browse your store in your own ‘brand voice’.

We help you deliver advice, promotional activity or even a smile. We intrigue, engage and entertain your customer and their retail experience is ultimately enhanced.

This one-to-one communication is delivered through their mobile device completely free of charge and is tailored to suit their needs.

Implicitly, your customers are encouraged to make a purchase within your store, putting an end to browsing and converting store visits in to sales.

Communication is key

Don't shout

From start

Fully integrated experience

to finish and beyond

The first step is the collaboration between you and the elev8instore team. Together we identify where we can make the best connections with your customer and what offers, advice and services will best achieve a given set of objectives – your sales goals. We’ll then create a campaign, communication strategy (or optimize your existing marketing strategy) and role it out in-store.

When you work with elev8instore, we will happily offer expert communication, marketing, sales and retail advice – both online and offline. We will train your staff, give you full sales support and work with you to maximize your store’s full potential.

The essence

The bottom line

of the service

You + elev8instore = sales

There’s simply no better way to generate sales by combining the online and offline retail experience than with elev8instore.

elev8instore is proven to increase sales, customer loyalty and consumer interaction and engagement.

You + elev8instore = sales

We are here

Get hold of us

and we are ready

Are you ready to elevate your brand and send sales soaring? Contact us now. We’re here for you. Your elev8instore team.

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We are here

Get hold of us

and we are ready

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Are you ready to elevate your brand and send sales soaring? Contact us now. We’re here for you.

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